About e-ball

e-ball is a unique initiative that is all about drawing attention to and raising funds for education, employment and community environmental projects in townships and marginalised communities throughout South Africa.

e-ball provides the capital funding to upgrade and rebuild community facilities as well as sustainable long-term marketing platform for tourism SMME’s (see tourismZA)

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Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world – Nelson Mandela

50,000 children will collect waste plastic, stuff it into e-balls.

People that are currently unemployable will be taught to manufacture e-balls.

Projects financed by e-ball will motivate sound environmental application and environmental training; thousands of people will be taught and mentored on how to maintain these projects.


After their training 100 previously unemployable people will be set up in micro enterprises and contracted to manufacture 50,000 e-balls.

The projects, like establishing food gardens will result in sustainable mentored employment for hundreds of currently unemployed people living in townships and remote rural areas.

The tourismZA platform will create employment opportunities for a staff of approximately 27 people

The Earth Ambassador program is specifically designed to identify, train, mentor and provide employment in the tourism industry.


15 tonnes of plastic waste will be removed from the environment and stuffed into e-balls by children.

Every e-ball will be handed out in exchange for 1kg of recyclable waste, this means a further 50 tonnes of waste will be kept out of landfills.

We plan to introduce the e-ball campaign to millions of school children around the world.

Because of e-ball the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe and the aesthetics of the world around us will become better.

arth Ambassadors

It’s about positive environmental and social thinking that results in a better, healthier co-existence of all who inhabit the earth. Visit our website and see the projects that your sponsorship funds! Earth Ambassadors

xtending a hand of friendship

e-ball is an Earth Ambassador initiative that drives, supports and networks existing environmental projects and community initiatives.


A 100% inclusive initiative that reaches across all social, health and belief strata. Everyone that would like to contribute to a healthier environment and a better life for all is invited.

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