To give this initiative some context; within a failing education system, at a time where unemployment in the region is
in the region of 90% and the number of people depending on government grants for a meager existence continues
to grow.

This community makeover is shaping up into one of the most heartfelt, exciting, life-changing adventures for 2020
Imagine – a community where the people are mostly unemployed and illiterate with families living well below the
poverty line.

In spite of the obstacles of a flawed education system, the parents and community have banded together to achieve
the impossible.

They have privately funded the building of a school for their children on 5 hectares of land – a school that is already
head and shoulders above others in the region.

The buildings are up, the teachers are teaching, and most importantly the children are enthusiastically learning as
they soakWe’re going to integrate a world class, community eco-education farm on the 5 hectare property: up the

Earth Ambassador is partnering with this “dirt-poor” community that is already doing it for themselves.
With just a little help from us they are well on the way to delivering a full community eco-education farm : (read

Together, the Dennilton community and Earth Ambassador are going to do things differently. We are making it
possible for this school to provide not only for the children of the school, but also for the parents and the
surrounding community. The school is going to become a community asset in every respect; the start to a positive
change that most people/government are just talking about.