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Quantifiable results

We plan to manufacture and distribute a minimum of 50,000 e-balls over the next five years. The resulting income will be allocated as follow:

  • Employment: 5 MILLION RAND will be paid out to SMME’s trained and employed to cut stars and assemble e‐balls.
  • Empowerment: We will distribute 12 MILLION RAND to accredited community initiatives and environmental projects.
  • Environment and education:
    o 50,000 children will get to play with an e‐ball
    o They will have kept over 75 TONNES of waste out of landfills!
  • E-games: We will fund the Earth Ambassadors program where we showcase e-ball through projects like the Community Adventure Makeovers that repair and rebuild community facilities and environmental projects.


Accountability (NO gravy available!)

Each and every cent raised and distributed through the e-ball campaign is accounted for through the VISA e-card. The account is managed by an independent board of trustees. The trust account is audited by independent auditors