e-ball is the device we have created for the launch of the Earth Ambassador program See our first YouTube video
12 stars make up an e-ball. From the moment a star is sponsored somebody is employed to manufacture it. As soon as we have 12 stars we can make up a compete e-ball and give it to a child who fills it with plastic waste so that they can play with it. These two benefits on their own justify your participation. However, between manufacturing and distribution there are many, many more benefits, benefits that contribute towards sustainable life.
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The three primary objectives of the e-ball campaign are:
1. To grow an international support base for community initiatives and environmental projects in South Africa
2. To help fund community and environmental projects in South Africa
3. To provide employment opportunities that address the biggest single challenge facing South Africa, that of poverty
We aim to raise and distribute FORTEEN MILLION RAND to accredited beneficiaries over the next three years
Employment (manufacturing of e-ball) 3 000 000.00
Employment (sales and distribution of e-ball) 6 600 000.00
Accredited beneficiaries (community / environmental projects) 5 000 000.00

Total allocation to accredited beneficiaries based on 50,000 e-balls R 14 000 000,00
1. Accredited beneficiaries are issued with a VISA e-card
2. Accredited beneficiaries are listed on the Earth Ambassador website
3. Earth Ambassadors, supporters and our sponsors are requested to choose/nominate a beneficiary from this list.
4. Up to 75% of the income for each star sponsored is allocated to the beneficiary they nominated.
5. This is transferred from the e-ball trust account directly to the beneficiaries’ respective VISA e-card
6. You, the beneficiary can use your VISA e-card at any VISA outlet
7. Full disclosure of the money allocated and spent is made available to anybody that requires it via VISA

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